There is this consistent debate about should people be able to work remotely. I work remotely and in an office. I get way more done when I work from home or in a remote location and here is why.

Working in an office.
Every employee does not have the same intent.

  • Dedicated to the job
  • Need the money but lazy
  • Total Slackers
  • Board in life so works

Let’s start with the ones that are Dedicated to the job. They are task oriented and want to clear their desk task list etc. Doing their work and going home is all that matters. If they do not fullfill a certain number of task that they think of in their mind that day, they feel like a failure.

Need the money but lazy these are the employees who want to collect a check and do the minimum. These employees are the distractors to the dedicated to the job employees. They want to sit around and talk about social events or gossip about other employees. When it is time to work they do not know how to do anything. All of a sudden they have amnesia or it’s not their job.

Total Slackers do not care what you think. They pretty much hide and stay out of the way for fear you may make them do some work.

Board in life so works. These people don’t need the money they just need something to do. This person really doesn’t care what they mess up. They spend most of their time trying to figure out what others are doing or not doing. This is usually the company mole.

For employers, you waste money on people who have deceived you into thinking they are a great employee. They milk your clock and cost you more money than your salary, the air water, electricity etc. you have to provide because they screw up everything.

People that want to get their work done are encumbered by the rules you put into place for the slackers. So they are restricted, they can’t come in early when no one is here to disturb them because you have a slacker rule. Slackers are always disturbing them with stupid shit.

Give people the resources to work remotely!