“Hi, it’s me, your go-to business bestie, Jenifer Jay, CEO of Premier Virtual Assistance. PVA, as I affectionately call it, provides business administrative assistance and bookkeeping services to entrepreneurs and small businesses. We help companies automate, run efficiently and gain more clients.”

My Story

Premier Virtual Assistance is my entrepreneurial journey coming full circle. My dad molded me to be a boss when he put me to work in the family’s construction company at age 14. I learned to perform administrative tasks, bookkeeping, did payroll and more. But, like most children, I rejected it.  

I went on to start all kinds of businesses, earn a degree in Computer Information Technology, and work in corporate settings before realizing the perfect business for me is one that allows me to help entrepreneurs and small business owners with their administrative needs. Both my formal and informal training taught me the importance of establishing processes and procedures to ensure a business run efficiently.  

When it comes to work, I’m serious business. However, I like to play too. I love rolling skating, chocolate, drag racing, family time, did I say chocolate, Ms. Piggy and Wonder Woman. I probably love chocolate the most. I am also passionate about supporting others. Now, you know a little about me, I look forward to meeting and learning more about you.

My Values & Beliefs


Honesty is one of my core values. A person’s honesty is golden. I am true to who I am and I operate that way. I am open and honest even if you may not want to hear it. Trust me, I will soften any blow. I operate with professional business practices and by the standard of the law.


Integrity is another one of my core values. “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching” C.S. Lewis. We all can be deceitful but the question is can you sleep at night? For me, the answer is NO.

Client Focused

I operate with the best interest of my clients. When I am getting to know my clients I want to know the whole picture so I can best see where I can be of assistance. I am invested in the success of any business owner, especially my clients so if I can be of assistance in any area I will. If I can’t help directly I will connect you with one of the many professionals in my  network for your business solutions.